This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks we’ve found useful and presented here as questions.

Trigram Mobile FAQ

How do I setup my own account?

Contact Trigram Technology to sign up for a Trigram Mobile subscription @ 714-379-2191 or email info@trigramtech.com.

How do I print out my notes?

Trigram Mobile has a web interface that allows you to download and print your notes individually or for a date range to a PC or MAC.

How do I add my own templates/forms?

Subscribers are provided with a template tool so you can create and edit your own custom templates. The tool installs to Microsoft Word 2010. The template tool also lets you create and manage macros and other Trigram Mobile features. All your templates can be easily uploaded to the program within MS Word.

Language Models FAQ

How do they make them so accurate?

There’s a difference between a language model and a word list. Trigram starts analyzing the data with not only the most frequently used words within a specialty, but hundreds of examples of how the word is typically used.

Why are Trigram vocabularies so accurate?

In order of importance: 1. Phonetics 2. Context knowledge 3. Vocabulary. The speech engine needs a combination of all three to make your dictation accurate. Many physicians ask, “What words are in there?” or “How many words does the vocabulary have?” If the speech engine can’t understand the phonetics then it will never get the correct word, no matter how many words you have in the vocabulary. And if it can’t accurately convert the phonetics into probable context, it won’t get the dictation correct. So, the amount of words in the vocabulary alone isn’t what makes it accurate.

When you dictate, the speech program converts your voice into sounds or phonemes. The speech engine then takes these phonemes and starts to build possible words based on the sounds. These possible words are then compared to a database of context knowledge. Based on the context, the speech engine outputs the words to your PC. This is what allows the program to type, “anteroinferior” instead of “ants are inferior.”

Trigram vocabularies analyze hundreds of thousands of actual dictations within a given medical specialty. We make sure the specialty is covered to a 99+% including phonetics, context and vocabulary.

Sounds good, but what does it really mean to me, an end user?

They’ll have a much higher accuracy and shorter learning curve. Plus, there’ll be less adding of specialty terms and drugs due to the comprehensive vocabulary.

Why would I want to buy an add on vocabulary?

Trigram Technology language models contain a lot more specific information in how a specialist uses the medical vocabulary in day-to-day dictation. The drugs included in the vocabulary are much more up to date that the ones provided with Medical Suite alone— not to mention the excellent templates package.

MedTemps FAQ

How long does it take to learn MedTemps?

For most users it only takes a few minutes to start using MedTemps. Even novice users can start creating documents in less than an 1/2 hour. The program is simple with only a few buttons to learn and an intuitive user interface. You don’t have alot of ‘clutter buttons’ in MedTemps of features you would never use. But, MedTemps still has the ability to create professional documents quickly.

Can I use my existing formatting for reports?

YES! The beauty of MedTemps is that virtually any type of word processing document can be modified to work with MedTemps in a few minutes.

I don't have any idea how to create my reports. Do you have sample reports in my Specialty?

Trigram Technology has been creating custom reports for physicians since the dawn of speech recognition software. We have a library of over 5000 templates and macros covering over 20 different specialties. We also provide access to a user forum to ask questions of our staff and other MedTemps users about customizing templates.

Can i uses tables/drop down lists in my templates?

Yes you can use tables and drop down list choices. In fact, MedTemps has built in features to learn frequently used text with just a few mouse clicks. The text is organized by the appropriate Review of Systems or Physical Exam section and can be used for any note you create in the future on any patient! You can even create your own lists! We provide you the tools.

I don't want to create templates, I'm too busy

Trigram Technology has a network or business partners that can customize your templates. If we do not have a local business partner in your area we can provide online training. This allows a user to connect via the internet to one of our office PC’s and talk live to our support staff.

What if my practice grows, can i add users to MedTemps? Is it upgradable?

Yes. Adding physicians is simple. Just purchase another license and register the new user. If your practice grows even larger you can upgrade to our SQL Server database which provides you with plenty of room for growth.