product-medtemps1MedTemps gives clinicians an easy to use affordable way to track clinical information and quickly create documents from a patient record right in Microsoft Word 2007/2010. With MedTemps you can create SOAP notes, referral letters, H & P reports and even scan documents right into the system. You can create any type of medical report and save it to a secure HIPAA-compliant database directly from Microsoft Word.

  • Microsoft Word user interface means Speed and ease of use
  • Customizable templates
  • Scalable/Networkable
  • Cloud capable
  • Scheduler components
  • Reduced Medical Legal
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Quality of Care
  • Copy forward past notes
  • TrigramTech Macro Categories
  • Print all or some of your notes created each day!
  • Customizable clinical data fields!
  • Powerful document automation
  • Macros
  • MedTemps users can produce charts more rapidly than traditional transcription. Most computer users are comfortable using a word processor. All MedTemps documents are filled out in Microsoft Word
  • Your reports are formatted and appear exactly how you want them to look
  • Share all the information with your staff if your office is 2 people or 200+
  • Store your database in our cloud or your own network!
  • Full office workflow, scheduling, worklist of patients and more! (additonal cost may apply)
  • No more unreadable handwritten charts. Complete readable, defensible medical records!
  • Secure patient data
  • Rapid communications with other healthcare professionals; delivers care in a timely fashion!
  • Rapidly generated new documents based on previously created documents
  • Easily create point and click drop down lists to fill in repetitive information
  • Batch Printing allows you to print an entire day’s or weeks reports with just a few mouse clicks
  • Store Patient Family History, Social History, Medications, Problem List, Allergies and general notes in the database for use in any report or to reference in seconds. You can create your own categories!
  • Automatically insert data from any field in the MedTemps database anywhere in a document
  • Automate repetitive tasks

MedTemps comes with a TrigramTopic for speech recognition dictation topic for Windows 7 and you will be creating documents in minutes and eliminating transcription costs!

Link to Demo Video

MedTemps Requirements:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,
Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 (Word 2010 starter edition does not support MedTemps!)

What you get with MedTemps!

  • MedTemps comes with a TrigramTopic for speech recognition dictation topic for Windows 7 and you will be creating documents in minutes and eliminating transcription costs!
  • Library of help videos to see how to setup the program and use the features of MedTemps.
  • Downloadable installation of the MedTemps program

For more information on MedTemps contact: or call 714-379-2191 for sales

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I utilize MedTemps with speech recognition and a TrigramTopic to dictate the narrative portion of my reports. I have found this to be very efficient. Speech recognition does an excellent job and doesn’t have much of a learning curve.

I left a multispecialty group of 18 physicians that was utilizing software that cost the shareholders $300,000. I paid less than $1000 for MedTemps, and I have found it to be a more effective solution for my needs.

—B. Alexander, MD

Over the last several months we have been trying to implement a “certified” EMR in my practice and it has turned into a complete disaster. Trigram Technology’s recommendation was absolutely correct in stating that for a small specialty practice like myself, I’m a podiatrist, these “certified” systems are not effective and take me more time to do my documentation as opposed to less. At this juncture we have decided we were much more pleased with utilization of MedTemps and we want to switch back ASAP.

—D. Haile, DPM